Hyuuga Hinata

Because shy girls need love, too

Shy girls need love too
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not_inthesun is a community for those (apparently) few of us who have realized just how awesome poor, shy, underappreciated Hinata is. So, we must rise up and make ourselves known to the world, and prove to them how awesome the sweet, caring Hinata really is.

Rules of the Comm
1. No bashing and/or flaming of any kind. So, please, keep the coupling flame-wars to a minimum.
2. Which reminds me - no promoting non-Hinata-related Communities. I don't want 6 Million "Join [naruto community name]!"
3. Fanfiction must be posted behind a cut. Same with fanart, and numerous icons (numerous meaning more than 4). Anything R and over must have a warning. All ratings, however, are allowed.
4. Het, Yaoi, and Yuri are all welcome.
5. l33t-sp34k and the ilk are discouraged, and proper grammer and spelling are both good things.

And that's about it. Just be nice, and show the love.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the name relates to both Hyuuga [meaning "in the sun"] and Hinata ["sunny place"]. Hinata is "in the sun"...but just not.