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Hyuuga Hinata
Because shy girls need love, too
Title: Days Off Fandom: Naruto Couple: Naruuga -… 
30th-Nov-2005 10:35 pm
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Title: Days Off
Fandom: Naruto
Couple: Naruuga - Neji/Naruto/Hinata
Challenge: #4 Surprise
Rating: NC-17 for lots of lovely smut.
Summary: While Naruto is away on a mission, Neji and Hinata relax.

Hinata let out a sigh of relief as she slowly slid her body into the outdoor bath. The hot, soothing waters felt good on her skin and she could already feel the tension flee her muscles, causing her to slump back against the wall of the bath and leaned her head back. Naruto had been away for nearly two days now on a mission, and she and Neji were dealing with his absence in their own ways. He spent his time training, as if trying to make up for time lost on romance, while she did littler things to keep her mind occupied.

She didn't know exactly how long she'd been soaking, but it didn't feel like too terribly long before she heard the door sliding open. Opening her eyes slowly, she looked over and saw Neji stepping into the room in only a fluffy white towel. A few years ago she would've blushed, but now she was used to the sight of his naked body, and had traced nearly all of it with her fingertips.

He nodded briefly to her, dropping his towel to walk over in the nude, and slid into the water with her. He let out a soft groan that made a shiver run down Hinata's spine, and a flush rise to her cheeks that wasn't due to the heat. The two of them sat in relaxed silence for what felt like ages, the soft bubbling of the water the only noises.

Eventually, though, Hinata gained the urge to speak. The silence was getting a little awkward.

"How was your training?" she asked tentatively. Perhaps he just wanted to relax in silence?

He responded without even opening his eyes. "Uneventful."

"I...see," she said, a little discouraged.

"And," he began, after a brief pause. "How was your afternoon?"

She smiled privately. "Uneventful."

Neji raised an eyebrow sleekly, but said nothing, resuming his quiet soaking. His muscles were knotted and tense from his work out, but the water was quickly fixing that. In fact, he became so relaxed that he barely registered Hinata moving up behind him until she placed her hands on his shoulders, gently working them with her dainty fingers. He groaned again and opened his eyes, mildly surprised.


She shushed him softly, breath hot against his ear. "You're still sore from training, are you not? I thought a massage might be nice."

He sighed pleasantly and nodded, leaning his head forward and reaching up to pull his long dark hair over his shoulder. She had the heels of her hands pressed gently against his shoulder blades, moving them in slow circles, and it felt like heaven. If this was the kind of thing she regularly did, he could see why Hinata and Naruto loved to take baths together. Of course, he knew other reasons for that, as well.

However, all good things have to come to an end, and eventually Hinata stopped the gentle massage, planting a kiss gently on the back of his neck.

"Do you feel better?" she asked softly, sliding her hands around his middle.

He smiled softly and placed his hands on hers, enjoying the feel of her body pressed up against his. She rested her chin on his shoulder, a content smile on her lips that made him feel warm inside. In a rare spontaneous moment, he leaned over and brushed his lips against hers. It was brief and innocent, yet electric.

"N-Neji," she stammered, a light flush dusting her cheeks. "What...?"

Now it was his turn to shush her. Lacing his fingers with hers, he tugged on her hand lightly, silently indicating for her to move around in front of him which she did without question. His hand slid effortlessly to her waist, and he pulled her onto his lap with the minimum of effort. They were Hyuuga, and they were lovers; they always knew what the other wanted.

He kissed her again, a silk caress over her lips and then down the curve of her throat. She draped her arms over his broad shoulders while he slipped his around her narrow waist, both of them pulling gently to bring the other closer, desperate for that contact once again. He let his fingertips rub gently across the small of her back and lower, just barely holding back his grin as a genle coo escaped her slightly parted lips, full and just begging to be kissed again.

Always perceptive, he answered the call and pressed his lips to hers, and she answered by tightening her hold on him, her body flush against his. The velvety feel of her breasts against his chest sent tingling sparks throughout his nerves, and he returning the favour by dragging his fingers slowly up her spine, eventually resting them on the back of her head to keep her mouth firmly against his.

He let her pull away as soon as he felt her begin to, and let a small smile cross his features as he looked over her gently flushed features. He gently dipped his head down to kiss slowly along her throat once more, gently sucking on her neck as if to mark her, and claim her as his own. She let out a soft gasp, sliding her hand up to lace her fingers in his thick locks. He made his way down, slowly shifting back to let him kiss down across her collarbone, nipping lightly on her china-doll skin.

She tried urging him onward, and gasped in pleasure when his lips caressed her breasts. He kissed all around the sensitive skin, exploring her full chest with his tongue while she tried to hold back her moans. Still gripping his hair slightly, she rubbed his scalp lightly, encouraging him in his ministrations. He slipped down to take one hardened nipple into his mouth, and she let out a deeply satisfying moan of pleasure.

A familiar, needful heat was building between her legs, and the hand that now massaged her other breast wasn't helping at all. Nor were the fingers teasing her nipple expertly, or the ones sliding down lightly stroke her slit. She moaned his name from the back of her throat, pushing her hips shyly against his digits.

"Neji...p-please," she gasped when his thumb brushed against her clit. "I...I need..."

She didn't need to finish the sentence. Neji was already shifting her, moving up to she could straddle his waist again. She wrapped her arms around his neck once again and he reached down to gently squeeze her hips, lifting her up and slowly sliding his firm member into her. Letting out a pleasured wimper, she scratched gently across his back and dropping her hips down to meet his, savouring the feel of his member filling her. He squeezed her hips again and pulled back again, setting up a slow, gentle rhythm that she quickly matched.

The water lapped gently at their bodies as Hinata rock her hips, grinding down against Neji's sensually. He had slid his hands back, now holding her round ass in his firm grip while he pushed up into her. Her hands clutched at his shoulders, giving her the leverage to thrust up and down, breasts rubbing up against his chest with every movement. She moaned his name softly between breaths, burying her face into his hair to muffle the sound, an instinct honed by trying to hide from her father. His mouth was pressed into the crook of her neck, kissing and licking the soft skin which had been made salty with sweat.

They kept moving against eachother, slow and soft yet filled to the brim with bubbling passion. And as his thrusts grew deeper, and has her pace grew more erratic, that hot passion swelled within them, threatening to burst. Finally, it did, and Hinata threw her head back with a quiet cry as her body was wracked with waves of pleasure. It didn't take long for Neji to follow suit, his climax hitting hard, coaxed on by the tightening of her muscles. He was restrained, even in orgasm, letting out a low moan against her neck and nothing more.

They sat there, slowly, still wrapped up in eachothers limbs, still close and sweaty and hot. The water continuing its soft simmering around them, quite a bit of it now splashed around the edges of the bath. Later, Neji would be annoyed by this but, for now, he was content, nuzzling into the crook of her neck and stroking her back gently. She cooed and huddled closer to him, burying her face in his hair once more. He smelled salty and spicy. She loved the way he smelled, especially after sex.

The relaxing mood was broken, however, by the staccotto beat of clapping that rang out. Hinata opened her eyes wide in shock and looked over at the mood-ruining voyeur, and Neji slowly turned to do that same, not at all surprised by what he saw.

Naruto, standing there sweaty, dirty, and grinning like a fool.

"N-Naruto?" Hinata gasped. "How long have you been there?"

"Oh, at about, 'Neji, please,'" he said, shrugging languidly.

Hinata flushed. Neji merely looked put out.

"So...how's the water?"

"You going to get in, or not?"

Naruto didn't need asking twice.
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